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Rotary Engraver

Our Rotary Engraver can be used to engrave into materials not suitable for laser engraving, such as brass, aluminium and traffolite. It uses rotating carbide cutters to cut into the material. It can work with materials up to 400mm long by 300mm wide.

With brass and aluminium, the article is generally engraved and then infilled with a durable paint suitable for outdoor use. Perfect for memorial plates and wall plaques.

Traffolite is a kind of laminated plastic made of 3 layers, the 2 outer layers being a different colour to the middle one. The cutter cuts through one of the outer surfaces to reveal the colour beneath. This is most suited to control panels, durable tags and the like.

Laser Engraver

Here at CGA Engraving we can mark, cut and engrave all sorts of materials using our CO2 laser with rotary attachment.

Laserable laminates are used to engrave much of of our signage and badges. They consist of two differently coloured layers of acrylic. We engrave through the top layer to reveal the bottom layer in contrasting colours.

Reverse cast acrylic is perfect for any application requiring a wipe-clean top face with no relief areas where dust, paint, dirt etc can build up. The top surface is in clear acrylic, and the bottom surface is coloured. We engrave in reverse through the bottom surface and infill it with paint so that the engraved and painted area is protected by the upper clear surface.

Clear or coloured cast acrylic is used for many engraving purposes because when it is engraved, it produces a white, frosty look that makes for a clean contrast against the material.

Extruded acrylic remains clear when engraved and does not produce much of a contrast. On the other hand, it is ideal for cutting shapes out of. Great for sign making.

Wood engraves brilliantly with a laser and there are so many uses for it. MDF especially cuts and engraves superbly.

Coloured anodised aluminium gives a high contrast, other finishes give a more subtle tone-on-tone effect. We can laser engrave high-tech gadgets such as I-pods and I-phones. We can add company logos and text or any other design you can suppply us with.

Slate and stone wall-plaques, coasters, place-mats and the like can be engraved simply with our Co2 laser. Granite and marble can be lasered too.

Fabrics such as denim mark well. Many protective cases are made from neoprene which can also be marked.

Many metals such as stainless steel can be permanently surface marked using a ceramic paste. This is fired onto the metal using the laser and is nearly black in colour.

Our Epilog Legend CO2 laser engraving machine enables us to work with materials up to 600mm long by 300mm wide. It also has a rotary attachment enabling us to engrave around such items as torches. Products that can be lasered include the following: plastic, wood, wood veneer, mdf, acrylic, glass, coated or anodised aluminium, ceramics, tiles, marble, cloth, leather, pressboard, rubber, fibreglass, tile, cork, cloth, coated metals.

Direct-to-Surface Printer

Our new Direct Jet 1024 direct-to-surface UV printer allows us to print full colour onto very nearly any flat surface, making this one of our most versatile machines. Its large 10" x 24" bed makes this machine perfect for creating full colour wall and display plaques.

Sublimation Printer

A design is printed onto high quality paper using special ink in a converted inkjet printer. This is placed onto the material to be engraved, which is polymer coated. This is then placed into a heat press where the ink bonds with the polymer coating. Our specially coated materials include metals and plastics, as well as items such as mouse-mats and coasters. This process is perfect for creating printed name badges, serial plates and printed metal plaques.