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We produce the layout for your items in-house using CorelDRAW X5. If you wish, you can supply a pdf or similar to provide a visual of how you would like your item to look. If you wish to see what we have laid out before we engrave it, you can select the "Receive a Proof" option when ordering.

Logo's and other images can be engraved, just select the appropriate option when placing your order and use the button that says 'click here to upload your logo'. This should open up a popup window where you can upload your logo to us. Alternatively email it to us at the address shown under the button.

In all cases, images should be at least 200Kb in size or 300dpi, and preferably in jpeg or tif format. We can work with ai files, but require them to be saved in a CS2 compatible format as that is the version that we have. We can sometimes work with images sent in a pdf format. We may be able to work with other file formats, but you will need to check with us first.

Please do not send images in a word document as it is impossible to extract them cleanly.

For Printing

Images being sublimation or direct-to-surface printed onto products can be in full colour .The file you send us should ideally have transparencies; i.e. the area of the image not being printed should be transparent and not white. We can sometimes, but not always, create a suitable image from one supplied without these transparencies. Ideal file formats for colour printing are png or a vector file such as svg, ai or eps.

For Laser Engraving and Rotary Engraving

Images to be engraved on any of the plastics/acrylics, or onto metals, should be submitted as a high definition black and white lineart image. There should be no shades of grey. We may be able to work with colour images, so long as they are entirely in one solid darker colour.
Example of Suitable Images

Example of Suitable Images

Artwork problems?

Are you having difficulty finding a decent image to send us as requested above? Don't despair, we may stilll be able to use your image! Send it to us and we will take a look at it.

The quality of images supplied to us determines the quality of the engraving sent to you. The bigger and cleaner the image supplied to us, the better the result.